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Jumpa Lagi Teuki Oppa!
Wednesday, 31 October 2012 | 12:17 | 0 comments

Ahnyonghaseyo~ semalam merupakan hari yg sgt memilukan bg sume ELF. Leader Leeteuk telah pergi ke kem tentera! memang berat nk lepaskan Leeteuk, tp apakan daya, dia wajib menyelesaikan tugasnya utk menjd tentera. tempoh 21 bulan lama kot! nk dekat 2 tahun ni. aigyo~ pasti ELF akan merindui Leeteuk. walaupun lama, Girang yakin yg ELF akan tetap setia dan menanti kepulangan Leeteuk. umm~ semoga oppa sentiasa sihat dan selamat di dlm kem tentera. kami akan menyokong oppa se-lama2-nya. akhir sekali, semoga oppa sentiasa sihat!
Super Junior Managers Messages for Leeteuk

I remembered how your eyes were shining when you first debuted. Since then, you always tried your best in everything given to you. Just like right now, I believe you’d also do well withou
t so much difficulty in military. So this is how it feels to send your child into army! Thank you always, I love you. — Taksama.

Teuk-ah. You guys are strong! You always did well anywhere, so I’m waiting for your awesome appearance after you got discharged. I love you! — Byeongjun Hyung.

It’ll be winter soon, take care of your health. Let’s meet again with a better you! You’ll do well~ Hwai-teuk~~ — Seunghwan Hyung.

Jungsoo-yah, thank you always, I love you. No need to say it twice, you’re the best leader in the world, “Leeteuk”. — Devin.

You can do well anywhere, so I have nothing to worry about. Don’t be sick, don’t get hurt…. Like you always said, this is not the END, it’ll be an AND after a while… — Inhwan Hyung.

Translated by: @sujunesia
Teuki oppa jumpa lg 2 tahun akan dtg! :)
 Super Junior dan ELF semasa pendaftaran Leeteuk. ramai gile yg dtg!