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Owl Mega Giveaway
Tuesday, 8 November 2011 | 23:36 | 0 comments

ahnyong~ kali ni girang nk msok GA dr nga Cik Amy lak. GA ni memang menarik cz akan dpt owl necklace o ring. lau la girang ni bertuah, maybe girang bg hadiah ni at my mum. hee~

okay the rules is :
  • Follow this blog and burning flames 
  • Like page and burning flames
  • comment the link here.
  • take the banner up there and paste it on your post
  • tag 2 people and make sure they know...
the 4 lucky winner will get owl necklace or ring

this contest will end at 25 November 2011.
girang nk tag GA ni at :

+ Choc
+ Myra

okeh, itu jew. da siap pom. korg jgn lupa join tau. kbai~