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Hannah Husna's 3rd B'day GA
Sunday, 8 April 2012 | 10:40 | 2 comments

Assalamualaikum + Ahnyonghaseyo. Girang join GA lg. mesti korg menyampah tgk entri Girang sbb byk sgt join GA kan? HA HA HA :face12:

Terms & Conditions:

1. Write an entry titled "Hannah Husna's 3rd B'day GA".
2. Insert the banner above in your entry & make sure you backlink it to this entry. And put the deadline as well, onegaishimasu..
3. Give a simple b'day wish for Hannah, ngehehehe.. XD
4. Leave your entry link in the comment section below & you're all done!
5. Deadline: 6th April - 22nd April 2012 (before 11.59 pm)
6. Winners will be selected randomly & announced a week later.
7. I'll upload the pics of the prizes later, hoho.. >_<

Girang join un sbb hadiah2 yg ditawarkan memang best! HU HU HU :face5: ni simple wish Girang utk budak comel :

:44: Happy Birthday Hannah! Semoga cpt membesar dan semakin comel.

:128: Nak join GA ni? Klik sini :65: Hannah Husna's 3rd B'day GA :h:
:128: Nak join segmen terbaru Girang? Klik sini :65: SEGMEN : Siri Jelajah BLOG, LET'S FLY:98:
:128: Bagi sokongan sbg masyarakat yang prihatin. Klik sini :65: Walk For Autism:98: